Life is like Gemstone

Life is like Gemstone in making

Life is like gemstone

Life is like gemstone in making, it gives you tough times so you can transform and shine! - Justin Tsui

One important lesson I learn from life coaching is that living a happy life is not that hard, but it never be easy either.

It all depends on self-awareness of your own goals and purpose in life, and how you find balances and making choices across your wheel of life! (Health, Money, Career, Friends, Family, Growth, Fun, Spirituality)

Unlimited potential within us

Life is like gemstone in making, because there are unlimited potential within us to become shining gemstones in our life.

Like gemstone in making in the nature, life journey is full of frustrations and pressures.

Accept tough time as transformation opportunity

Once we accept the tough times are part of the life experience to transform us, we become more aware of the self and happiness, then the frustration and pressure become a conscious experience for us to learn, reflect and transform towards happiness.

Happiness shines and beautify world

True happiness is like polished gemstone, they connect with nature, the shine and beautify surrounding with positive energy.

Embrace imperfection & shine

Not all gemstones are perfect, but every one of them are uniquely cut and shine in their own way.

So next time when life throws challenges on you, make them a tool of your gemstone in making.

Gemstone 10 caustic

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