Creative & Mindful balance for body and mind.

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Shape of Mind

Self-awareness and creative reflections.

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Calm Tree

Calming light and scent for meditation.

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Happi - Happiness & Inspirations Art

Collections of Happi Inspirations & Art.

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The Moonlight Floor Lamp

Adjustable LED Moonlight with Bird twits & nature sounds for meditation.

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Mettaman Sculpture

Mettaman Sculpture and life quotes

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Desktop Bird Study Light

Customisable light shade and adjustable light brightness. Perfect for study as well as desk meditation.

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Invisible Diary smart light

Smart lighting designed for self-reflection and meditation.

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Mettaman Posters

Mettaman Posters and life quotes

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Metta is a term that refers to one of the 10 perfections of Buddhism and is the first of the four Buddhist virtues, or "immeasurables." It can be translated as "benevolence," "loving," "friendship" or "kindness."

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